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How to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry

It's All About Balance

Before you choose your jewelry, make sure you have your hairstyle and headpieces selected and of course, consider your dress. Need help finding a headpiece? Checkout our helpful guide here.

Knowing the placement and size of a headpiece can help with deciding the earrings you choose. Balancing is key. Wearing a tiara with a high peak? Go for small to mid-size earrings. Styling a comb along the back of your hair? Opt for bold, long dangles. Wearing your hair up decorated with hair pins? Try a chunky cluster stud to frame your face or a long duster earring to accentuate your neck.

Consider your dress neckline when deciding on wearing a necklace. Deep plunges or sweetheart necklines pair well with necklaces, while halter or high necklines might interfere.

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Coordinating Components

Ensure your wedding jewelry complements your headpiece by matching its elements and metal finish. Our collection page filters can help guide you to find jewelry with the same elements.

We recommend starting with earrings or a jewelry set and then completing your look with a coordinating bracelet.

Pearl and Cubic Zirconia Cluster Stud Earrings for Bride on Wedding Day Pearl and Cubic Zirconia Cluster Stud Earrings for Bride on Wedding Day

A Personal Touch

Whether you're minimalist, classic or bold, you know your personal sense of style best of all. It's important to have that shine through on your wedding day. Our filters make it easy to curate pieces we think you'll love, but ultimately, go with your heart!

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