Bridal Hair Accessories

How to Choose Your Headpiece

Start With: Your Style

First and most importantly, let your own personal sense of style lead the way. We've categorized all of our pieces into minimalist, classic and bold styles and have filters on every collection page to help narrow down your selection. Here's how to know which style category you might fall into:

Minimalist brides are all about sleek silhouettes, neutral colors, dainty jewelry and natural makeup for a polished look.

Classic brides love timeless fits, floral designs, feminine vibes and sophisticated jewelry that never go out of style.

Bold brides are here to make a statement with on trend attire, stand out designs and attention grabbing jewelry.

Matching Elements

Your dress components are another factor in choosing a headpiece. Embellished with pearls? Or crystals only? This will help hone in on your selection.

Another factor is the metal finish of your engagement ring. You can choose a headpiece finish to match!

Personal Preference

Using the parameters mentioned above, you'll be able to find some top contenders. Ultimately, you should follow your heart and let your personal preference be the final deciding factor.

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