How to Choose a Wedding Veil

Feel confident choosing your veil

I believe a wedding veil goes beyond being a mere accessory. For me, the veil is all about romance! My favorite photos are of the bride and groom with a veil blowing in the wind. 

There’s a lot to consider when selecting your veil. That’s why I created this helpful guide so you’ll be able to narrow down your veil choices and find the one that's just right for you. 

And my most important your heart and choose the one that makes you feel confident and radiant.

xo Dareth

Match Your Dress Elements

Your veil and dress should complement each other and live in harmony. Color, components and cut (mainly the detailing on the back) are the three main considerations when choosing a matching veil.


  • Light ivory - our ivory veils are a soft light shade of ivory. This matches the majority of modern wedding dress colors. 
  • White - our white veils are a pure white color. Only choose this option if your dress is labeled white by the manufacturer.

Keep in mind that your veil should blend with your dress, or be a shade lighter.

Aside from color, take a look at the details in your dress. Embellished with crystals and pearls? Browse beaded edge veils with the same components. Satin fabric and clean lines? Check out a cut edge or other simple veils.

The detailing on the back can help dictate which veil length to choose. Have a belted waist? Consider veils that are longer so it doesn't distract from the beauty of the belt. Have a simple, elegant back? Feel the freedom of flexibility in choosing a veil length that won't interfere regardless of what you choose.

Ready to get started? Shop our veils here.

Lengths Made Simple

From short and sweet to long and romantic, each length offers its own charm. When picking a length, consider your height, hairstyle, dress, photos and venue. All of these factors will impact where the veil falls and photos you might want to take. Checkout the easy visual to lengths in inches (model is 5'8). Shop our veils according to length. Elbow & fingertip, knee & floor, chapel & cathedral.

How to Wear in Your Hair

Your hair and veil are meant to work together ceremoniously. How you plan to wear your hair can help guide where you can place the veil in your hair and ultimately, how long the veil will be and how much material surrounds your face. Checkout the helpful veil placement guide below for visuals. Ready to shop? Head over to our veil collection page and use filters to help guide you.


  • Wear in all hairstyles
  • Max veil volume
  • Veil falls shorter in length


  • Wear in half up/down, updos
  • Less veil volume
  • Veil falls slightly longer in length


  • Wear under updos
  • Least veil volume
  • Veil falls at its longest length
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