The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Veil Care

Soft, dreamy and oh so romantic, wedding veils are the epitome of bridal beauty and a timeless tradition for walking down the aisle. From cut edge to beading, elbow to cathedral lengths, blushers and more, the style options are endless to coordinate with your gown. Once you’ve selected the perfect veil, it’s important to know how to properly care for this delicate accessory leading up to, on and after the big day. That’s why we’ve compiled everything you need to know for wedding veil care.

1. What to do when you receive your veil

Finally it’s here! Your wedding veil will arrive to you folded in your veil bag for ultimate security during transport. As you unwrap your soon-to-be heirloom, carefully remove your veil from the bag and unfold your veil completely. While admiring your veil’s perfection (*swoon*), hang your veil gently by the comb on a hanger (we have you covered with hangers specifically for veils).
If you are wearing a cathedral wedding veil on your big day, we recommend that your veil be hung by the comb on the hanger while the train of your veil be gently draped over a clothes hanger and kept away from the floor.

Pro-Tip: Cathedral wedding veils make for ultimate wedding photos! Add the perfect finish touch of romance & drama to your wedding day memories with a gorgeous cathedral.

USABride by Dareth Colburn Cathedral Wedding Veil
Hanging your veil upon first opening it will allow the tulle to fall, flow and naturally loosen any wrinkles that may occur during transport. Just like your wedding gown and other bridal accessories, you have invested a lot of time and effort into choosing your perfect veil, so be sure to handle with care and keep away from sunlight.

2. Perfecting on the big day

While running last minute errands and finalizing florals, don’t forget to perfect your bridal veil! If you haven’t yet (or just received your veil in time) unfold your veil completely a few days before your wedding day and allow to hang fully without any folds to release your veil of any lingering creases.

USABride Cathedral Bridal Wedding Veil

It’s inevitable that your veil might have some light creases or wrinkles from delivery or transport to a hotel, etc. So it’s important to hang your veil by its hanger in a bathroom with a hot shower running. This will produce a light steam to rid your wedding veil of any light creasing for beautifully flowing fabric.

For more stubborn wrinkles, steam your veil to attain soft, dreamy tulle. Do NOT iron your veil. Your wedding veil is crafted with a light, sheer fabric that will respond best to steaming. Using a handheld steamer like this is affordable and efficient for any bride-to-be!

Pro-Tip: Make your bridal veil totally your own! Style your veil beautifully in a low chignon, nestled perfectly in your wedding hairstyle, or place your veil flawlessly in cascading curls like our Real Bride, Denisse!

USABride Real Bride Feature Wedding Veil

Real Bride, Denisse, styling our Maddie Comb with her stunning bridal veil perfectly!
Photographer: Annie Randall Photography

3. After 'I do'

Your wedding day is one that you will always remember. And your veil is surely something special to remember it by! A perfect heirloom to pass onto future loved ones and to reminisce on your perfect day, it’s important to make sure you properly preserve. Keep your veil stored away from sunlight to protect against any chance of discoloration over time. Storing your veil in a cool, pH balanced location is the most ideal setting to ensure that your veil can be passed down and admired for generations to come. Acid-free veil boxes like these are a great option for storing your bridal veil!


Bridal Wedding Veil with Blusher 

Pro-Tip: Be sure that your wedding veil is dry cleaned prior to storage. Storing an unwashed veil is a recipe for heirloom disaster! If you find yourself in a pinch on your wedding day and need to spot clean your veil to get that tiny bit of makeup off, simply dab a small amount of baby powder on the area and using a very smooth surface, like the edge of a sheet or piece of cotton, remove the powder and the stain. (Do not use tissue of any kind! This texture mixed with your veil’s delicate tulle will not be what you want to happen on your wedding day, trust us.)

USABride by Dareth Colburn Bridal Accessories

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