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2021 brides (and 2020 brides who had to postpone) -- we understand that the world of weddings has changed. Your big day may look different than what you initially envisioned, but we know you’ll all find the perfect way to celebrate your love. And of course, with your celebrations of love comes the opportunity to express your own personal sense of style. From adding pops of color to bolder florals, the time is now to make a statement with your wedding day. Check out 2021’s top wedding trends to make your bridal style more than memorable.
Florals, Florals, Florals
It’s no secret that weddings and florals go hand in hand. But this year, flowers are taking on new shape and focus. We couldn’t agree more with The Knot that “voluminous floral arrangements that are equal parts breathtaking and sentimental” will be all the rage. Our take on this trend? Outside of your decor details, try flaunting fiercely floral and feminine accessories. Soon to be unveiled, our 2021 spring collection offers no shortage of intricately designed floral elements that will be sure to turn heads as you walk down the aisle. Can’t wait for this collection? Check out some ready to ship options we’ve rounded up, too.
Dareth Colburn Wedding Blog
It’s all in the details
With the new look weddings are taking on, 2021 is all about celebrating the little things. Tiny sentimental touches can make all the difference to your ceremony. Intricately designed accessories can also take your bridal style to the next level. And our new spring collection puts the spotlight on design details with lifelike florals and crystal accents that wow. Of course, we have some staples in our current line up that do the same. Shop some of our top picks for this trend below.
Dareth Colburn Wedding Blog
Bigger & Bolder Accents
WeddingWire is spot on -- big and bold is here to stay when it comes to 2021 weddings. Aside from big and bold decor, what better way to make your big day unforgettable than with statement accessories?! Our spring collection is full of earrings and headpieces that will surely take your bridal style to the next level. Plus, we have some existing pieces in our line that will bring the drama (the good and only kind your wedding day needs!).
Dareth Colburn Wedding Blog
A Pop of Color
Classic whites and ivories will always be a wedding day go to. But according to Parade in 2021, bolder colors are making a grand entrance this year. And we couldn’t be more excited! From elegant opals and pink hue stones to colored metal finishes, 2021 is the year to play with color. See some of our top picks from our spring collection and current line up below.
Dareth Colburn Wedding Blog
Personalization is IN
It’s obvious that every bride wants to feel one-of-a-kind on her wedding day (after all, why wouldn’t you?!). And The Knot is calling for more personalization than ever this year. From meaningful ceremony locations to flowers that highlight your love story, we expect to see personal touches from every bride. How can we help in this arena? With new, flexible ways to style your own headpiece using nothing but hair pins. Preview some pieces from our 2021 spring line (and current collection) for inspiration below.
Dareth Colburn Wedding Blog
So 2021 brides -- we want to see how YOU style these 2021 trends. Tag us @darethcolburndesigns on social for a chance to be featured on our feed!