2022 Style Trends Disrupting the Wedding World

It’s no secret that there’s recently been a disruption in the world of weddings. Gone are the days of large single-day celebrations. Intimate events and multiple gatherings look like they’re here to stay. There is no such thing as a cookie cutter wedding anymore and you know what?! We’re here for it! More events and intimate crowds mean more meaningful interactions with your guests and more focus on you and your partner. So why not lead with your heart and own personal sense of style? Afterall, this is your once-in-a-lifetime big day. Check out what we think 2022 has in store:

On-trend accessories for your walk down the aisle & best dance moves

Who says you need to conform to wedding tradition? Whether it’s changing up your ceremony to include a toast, reception to feature a wine tasting, or even your ensemble to include comfort pieces, the good news is there are no rules anymore. If you love keeping up with the latest style trends as much as we do (hello bobby pins, statement earrings and pearls), flaunt it on your wedding day, too! Here are some of our favorite accessory trends taking over the fashion (and wedding world) in 2022:

Bridal style trends 2022

1 - Venus Crystal Bobby Pins - Dareth Colburn - $25+
2 - Irena Floral Earrings - Dareth Colburn - $89
3 - Maya Freshwater Pearl Hoops - Dareth Colburn - $39

More events = more looks = more style options

With the rise of smaller, more frequent celebrations comes the opportunity to wear multiple looks. Why not try the chic jumpsuit you’ve been eyeing with a pair of statement earrings? A puff sleeved mini dress with bold jewelry? Even if your wedding is just on one day, you can still take advantage of multiple looks by changing your outfit (and accessories) from the ceremony to reception. Take out that veil and sweep your hair back with an unforgettable hair comb. Some of our favorite looks are:

2022 Wedding Looks

Look 1
1 - 
Zhivago White Rabbit Jumpsuit - Revolve - $625
2 - Bridgette Flower Earrings - Dareth Colburn - $59
3 - Bridgette Flower Comb - Dareth Colburn - $75

Look 2

1 - Winter Dress - Maggie Sottero
2 - Simple Cut Edge Veil - Dareth Colburn - $49+
3 - Monica Crystal Wedding Comb - Dareth Colburn - $69

Look 3

1 - Short Puff Wedding Dress - HaveDressStore - $349+
2 - Adria Statement Earrings - Dareth Colburn - $85
3 - Joanna Crystal Bracelet - Dareth Colburn $39


Personalization like no other

This is the year of the fully personalized wedding experience, beginning to end and all the pretty little things in between. Make this day about your favorite things as a couple in all of the little details. Include music in your ceremony you heard on your first date. Use flowers or other centerpieces to represent that time you and your partner had an unforgettable picnic in the park. Choose a food menu that represents your favorites to cook together. Whatever it may be, use these events to include a personalized, sentimental touch with every detail, including you and your bridal party’s ensemble. See how to add a personal touch with some of our favorite accessories below:

Wedding 2022 Trends

1 - Engraved Initial Earrings & Necklace Set - Dareth Colburn - $35
2 - Maeve Rose Gold Bridesmaid Jewelry Set - Dareth Colburn - $39
3 - Personalized Purse - ModParty - $21.99+

Getting married in 2022? We’d love to hear how you’re planning to celebrate and if you need help deciding what to wear. Our team offers personalized accessory styling advice for all customers. Reach out to us at help@darethcolburn.com for assistance. Follow us on social @darethcolburndesigns to stay up-to-date on new arrivals, sales & more.

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